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of heartbreak and hope. today, twins alexis and noah beery are typical energetic and athletic 13-year-olds but their lives have not always been this way. the 8th grader recall a day when the most basic activity was a struggle. >> before we would wobble, and we wouldn't be able to talk. we would just we couldn't do anything. we couldn't learn. >> i'd see other kids doing all this stuff doing sports and climbing and sliding down slides. you know, that was pretty much my biggest dream. >> shortly after birth, twins alexis and for what cried incessantly. doctors called it colic and retta beery sensed something else was off. >> when they were 9 months old we knew that something was wrong with their development. they were so floppy when they were 9 months old. when you would hold them they would flop back they had no muscle tone whatsoever. >> in the months and years that followed alexis and noah's condition deteriorated. the beery family went from one medical specialist to another. but none could offer a definitive diagnosis for their twins. >> not knowing what is going on, having the doct
command. the air bridged harbor that twin cities frame. keep ancient lands, your storied pomp cries she with silent lips. give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses learning to breathe free. the wretched refuge of your shores, send these, your homeless, tempest toss to me. i lift my lamp beside the golden door. and i love what the scholar esther shore says about this poem is that, of course, it's a poem of welcome but it's also this poem of protest, that she's really saying, you know, we're not just going to accept the ancient world and its ideals. we have a different idea in mind. so help us make sense of this poem. >> the image of includesus that artists like bartholdi had came from a lithograph, german lithograph of the 18th century of the colossus of roads, and it shows a gigantic male figure astride two slivers of land cut by a harbor. and this was the harbor at rhodes, and this 18th century lithograph was very different. archaeologists found out from the original statue the colossus of rhodes. it was a warrior image, male image, powerful giant presiding over a victorio
of this scarp there are two twin towers of rock. if you get to a certain place on top of this very narrow butte, you can see between these twin towers and there happens to be a great house built between these two towers and every 18.6 years when the moon goes into its northernmost point on the horizon, it rises between those two towers. i was there at the beginning of the last 18.6 year cycle and we stood up there, probably 20 of us, researchers, forest service people, all gathered at the same spot with cameras and huddled -- it was late december at 8,000 feet and we were all watching this gap. and somebody had done very intricate work to figure out exactly where you need to stand to see the light at exactly the right time. and as we were all gathered up there, i remember this older archeo-astronomer said it's too bad this isn't celebrated any more. this is such a momentous occasion, the moon finally coming up between the gap and nobody celebrates it. i looked at him as we were all bundled together and thought, do you not notice all of us here pressed to the edge watching this one gap just to s
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peak. you can see shaky camera there towards twin peaks. there is patchy fog. sea breeze going west to about 31 miles per hour. so... there is a high temperatures only 73 degrees 10 degrees below normal for this time of the year. >> and there is a clear skies across the bay, and inland but there is patchy fog along the coast. there are temperatures 59 in half moon bay. highs today, low 60s coastside. mid-80s inland but that is going to change. low clouds and fog clearing tomorrow. and there is a warming trend begins this weekend. there is a look at the heat wave from united states to the east coast. there is a large ridge of high pressure bringing heat, and humidity and heat warnings up. there are heat advisories stretch together mid atlantic states this is going to continue about sunday that is when cooling will be beginning and going into monday there is a ridge starting to shift our way they're going to get wet weather in there. so this is temperatures with fog around, and into 50s. and you'll notice that the fog that will be around will pull away from the coastal areas so temper
over tigers beat the twins how about that. that's a pretty good top five. there's a lot going on.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,
, for the transcription of the arabic, zato dates over fire-baked bread. the twin rivers have already called for us a history. our poets have already explained to us the desert. by what right have you come? who have you have seen the rustic crane in the tree, no chimes but for its delicate wide beak, ushers an intemperate reprieve? 33 beads on a string, why pretend to know beyond the presence of click. thank you. please welcome gale sher >> the first one is why did she care? why did she care, she wondered, laying aside the book. a dim light could be seen possibly from a cabin reaching in not for the word, but for the space which a time. fat drops driven violently side ways. the man's mind into which she tossed herself becomes a bird. fly away, bird. fly south where you are needed. letters moved, she could barely make them out. the sky moved, hanging bluntly. a circle swayed toppled to the sea. to you, sea, i chant and to the one with ears, hearing you into me. this one is called, having eaten fish. having eaten fish, i open myself to make them more comfortable. i pet the fawn, twisting my calves. t
that book! can you believe the twin d did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ temperatures are already in the lower 80's. -- a littlebeltway bit of cloud is this morning, total sunshine. the high will be 60. right up to -- the high will be right up to 100. it will feel like 100 to 105. harter tomorrow, dangerously hot. high temperature. that is record-tying. a better chance of storms on sunday. that pop-up to have windsance of having gusty and even hail. let's compare that to the record. thumb, you have to exceed 100 degrees to break -- breaking a record. it looks like we will cool down by monday. that point, we get to the mid-80's. we will start with a look at street bridge. no traffic to speak of. a couple of cars heading from arlington into the district. good ride all the way up from springfield. we are in good shape. all the way up to the 14th street bridge. hov restrictions are in effect. here we are at 270 as you head down into the lane and divide the inner loop or outer loop of the public. -- of the beltway. no accidents to repor
bay's lesser evil twin. published lesser known evil twin. then he had been released and was in tanzania or zanzibar. i went to meet him. >> can you trace for us his amazing odyssey from country to country and how this happened? >> well, it is difficult to piece together. we only know some of what happened. he is from zanzibar. he grew up in zanzibar. he was fond of fishing and good with boats. he ended up being a traitor going up and down the coast from zanzibar of the kenyan coast -- trader going up and down the coast from zanzibar to of the kenyan coast. he was abducted by a warlord who still lives in mogadishu. he is one of the most powerful people still in somalia. he has had various roles in somalian government. members of the cia, rendered him to sue secret prisons in afghanistan. and afghanistan, he was in a prison we think called the dark prison where prisoners are held in pitch black with music pumping 24 hours a day, very seriously abused with no access to lawyers. then it was taken to the salt pit, not much better. alternately, to bagram air force base whe
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, for years playing for the rangers t brewers, the twins, back to the minors in between. his time now if f with the mets and perfection of the knuckle ball, now has him the most talked about pitcher in the majors. >> now the fans know story. >> as i'm walking off between innings, there's a section right there, the family section. >> sitting in those seats, his wife and four children. do they know the secret? >> not giving away the secret. >> no, i can't. not until i retire. >> show me your knuckle ball? >> you know, that's a great question. it's one that i'm constantly searching for. >> you've talked about the vertical shoe box. do you picture that when you're pitching? >> yeah, driveway. shoe box over the pitcher's head at least part of the secret. >> i'll dig my fingernails right behind the horseshoe, trying to stabilize the baseball with my thumb. >> unlike any other pitch, knuckle balls hardly spin. they rotate up to 1.a 5 times, slow moving, barely spinning and unpredictable in that box. >> i just release the ball at the opportune moment and it comes out without spin. >> then it was m
traffic. a problem with a wire causing delays on the k, l, and m lines throughout the twin peaks tunnel. crews on the scene trying to fix the problem there. is no estimate for when service might resume. bus shuttles are running between the vanness station and west portal station. >> and oakland police asked hokeal merchants if there is any surveillance videos that might help them capture a hit and run driver. a bicyclist died after being struck about 9:30 last night. this is the crime scene from skip 7 hd. it's dark but a witness told police a car hit the man. evidence found at the scene suggests it dragged him at least 100 feet. officers found skid marks on pavement. >> someone breaking -- braking to avoid. they saw what he were trying to avoid. and it was a pretty lengthy skid mark. and then, they took off ak celebrate raited. >> the coroner is trying to identify the victim. he appears to be in his 40s. police urge you to please call them if you know anything about this accident. >> and just ahead, the search for a police dog spooked by the fire work autos also research being done by
forecast today hundreds are north of the twin cities ... in the afternoon the storms roll and tomorrow cooler sunday we're looking at the cooler air that's waiting in the wings we will feel that over the weekend and into early next week but it's just last year met uncomfortable not necessarily cold here the thermometer readings on the mathp locally.... we have the heat index hitting 110 degrees in some areas we see a lake breeze along the shoreline but it's a muggy 71 degrees ... here's what's happening along the lake: sunshine everywhere. and lots of records getting broken what the heat wave is doing ... this is the kind of stuff that may develop as the front moves its way down ... there is strong wind production and storm conditions they will parallel the shoreline just as they did yesterday ... lots of storm clusters that are producing some rain let's take a look at the models on the map: there is a lake breeze holding the shore to the '90s tomorrow you may see things back into the hundreds in the southwestern suburbs ... that's early in the morning before the cool down temp
pick up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ >>> now, good morning maryland. 6 minutes after 5 a. thankings for joining us on this friday morning, the diabetes drug metformin can have benefits for alzheimer's patients this could produce new cells and help repair the effects of alzheimer's disease. the is arkansas research is -- the research is in the early stages and more research needs to be done. >>> it is hot, no doubt about it, and the sun is blazing and when you go outside you have to slatter on the sunscreen but sunburns happen no matter what sometimes, so katie couric has home remedies to ease the pain of those burns. >> hey, everyone, you know there is nothing like a great day at the beach or pool but that day of fun in the sun tune leaves to -- too often leads to a night of agony, they recommend an spf of 30, apply every two hours and reply if you go for a swim or are sweating a lot but dermatologist audrey told me that you have an eight hour window to treat that sunbur
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midwest with. severe storms a possibility for those of you in the twin cities. also with theleting of the day, likely we'll see more showers and storms impacting travel along i-10 and i-75 in southern georgia and florida. your temperatures, once again a lot of pink on the map, indicating triple digits from chicago back toward kansas city, also louisville, sweating it out at 103 degrees. so the water parks might be a good option, if not just try to get somewhere with a/c. showers and storms firing up over the fires in colorado. we like the rain there. also watching out for showers and storms from little rock to birmingham, right on down toward panama city. there could be a stray shower or storm popping up for your beach plans. there's a look at saturday's highs, 100 degrees in new york city. while we do have a cold front moving through the midwest cooling us down in minneapolis and chicago, it's going to get worse before it gets any better along the immediate east coast. now we're into sunday. we see the showers and storms along with that cold front across the ohio valley, the tenne
. >> totally. the crowd wasn't sure how to react there. >> it happen last night at the twins-tigers game. or on the fourth of july, i should say. yeah. welcome back. >> it's a tough song to sing. let's just say that. >> it is. >>> nancy reagan turns 91 today. the former first lady is taking on a familiar role this election year, as the first lady of the republican party. >> on thursday, mrs. reagan made her first public appearance since a fall left her with broken ribs in april. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: it wasn't perhaps the kind of birthday greeting a 91-year-old might expect. but the reagan presidential ibrary hosting an exhibit from the walt disney archives, the worlds of politics and show business came together, much as they did in the reagan's own lives. mrs. reagan joined robert iger, chairman of the disney company, to open the exhibit. while nancy reagan rarely speaks in public these days, inside the republican party her voice can still be powerful and influential. in the 24 years since her husband left office, nancy reagan's endorsement has been sought by republican
. it happened last night at the twins/tigers game. it happened on the fourth of july i should say. yeah. welcome back. >> it's a tough song to sing. let's just say that. >>> nancy reagan turns 91 today. the former first lady is taking on a familiar role this election year as a first lady of the republican party. >> on thursday, as john blackstone reports, she made her first public appearance since a fall left her with broken ribs in april. >>> it wasn't perhaps the kind of birthday greeting a 91-year-old might expect. but the reagan presidential library hosting an exhibit from the walt disney archives the world of politics and show business came together much as they did in the reagans own lives. she joined robert iger of the walt disney company to open the exhibit. >> while nancy reagan rarely speaks in public inside the republican party, her voice can still be powerful and influential. >> in the 24 years since her husband left office nancy reagan's endorsement has been sought by republicans. successfully by mitt romney. and a new generation has now come calli
, congratulations, he is about to be the daddy of two twin boys. >> tell us what gave you the idea to do this? >> when we came to new york in 1985 from italy, i noticed how diverse this society is as opposed to the italian one. at the same time through the years, how much we do have in common. as we traveled and i married my wife, she is african-american, i got to experience first hand how much we do share as human beings and americans. >> how long did it take you to venture all across the country? >> eventually seven years, 16,000 miles by car. >> it wasn't the pictures you took, but the stories behind the pictures, right? >> yeah. >> tell us what happened in alaska. >> tell us about new york city. that's why hoda is here. >> wait. that doesn't look like new york city to me. >> looks like alaska to me. >> what i was saying is alaska. >> alaska was the most exciting trip because of this mail round, they call it. >> a little sea plane? >> you know. >> i read the book. >> this was taken from this mail plane that delivers mail to this island. >> takes off on the water and lands on the water? >>
ad twin. rtcai rr d ry didn't know about cronkhite rating as a kid or evenlater y, ar labe o s d he ost rntseau o its clarity, its sensibility and sense of humor and just everything about it seems absolutely. ini in o t ic gndh ote thicwilde writer. >> i think that what strikes me opted with these guys too is the fact they've ben together eromurthn. takngeerwgn wanepncithe ctntt ot lo ays premiered in a sense of servicemen and to let terry guys. but on the other hand theyre iahry eywinaurus h ag hyth. yohohsbe this business does he get better when you kind of emulate for someone pushes youao . yu hte good at the laptop right next year. they ar setting the bar kindof andou'rfe ve go s ooghith thab this book. it's taken some names that e somewhat laiaow ve h a ouu she realized this energy and kinship between all of them and w they in a s o ve emso e aney kept. >> bigart was an incredible influence begining with andy rnuring the a ecus galwashe e eingstd, waskuen ne seld. whe oihi pld again. i'm sorry explain it
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)